20180305 Walking with youngsters

Dear WY Alumni,

Walking with youngsters

Our Tin Shui Wai (TSW) English Tutorial Project needs your help.  Irrespective whether you belong to the following professions for which demand has been established, would you like to share your work experiences as a career mentor with under-privileged local and ethnic minorities students?  Retirees are also welcome.

Social Worker
Graphic designer
PR event management
Customs & Excise
Correctional Service
Chinese medicine doctor
Hotel and catering
Information technology
Engineering (buildings and infra-structure)
Aircraft engineering
Aircraft pilot
Airline cabin crew

If you do, you will be paired up with at least one Form 4 student in Tin Shui Wai or Tuen Mun who is interested in pursuing your profession. After the initial meeting, you and your mentee can freely explore the best way to communicate with each other by whatsapp, facebook, phone, face to face meeting, etc.  A set of guidelines will be provided to help you get along with your mentee.

Under-privileged students generally lack family support and social connection and thus they have no way to find out whether their dream job matches with their ability and skills. Failure to recognize one’s short-comings or the skill set required by the dream job may lead to selecting and pursuing the wrong academic subjects and interest, and as a result frustration at the end. Your support to our youngsters will not only motivate them in their academic studies, but would also give them the opportunities to explore their career interests. Your guidance will greatly increase the chance of success of the students in their career pursuits and in turn help to spread and deliver to the needy the ‘Men for and With Others’ spirit we have inherited from our Wah Yan education.

If you like to learn more about the TSW Project or more specifically our Life Planning and Ethnic Minorities programs, please go to the website below:


If you have any general Q. about our Project, please contact me (whatsapp/tel. 67079653 or [email protected] ).

If you want to know more about this mentorship drive or like to join, please contact Helen Lok, who was a member of the WYK Children’s Club under Father Naylor and now the head of our Life Planning and Ethnic Minorities programs, at  [email protected] .

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Daniel Mak
WYHK’71 and Project Co-ordinator


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