20160227 Thanks for Your Help and Tribute to Volunteers of TSW Project

Dear Mr. Julian Leung, Chairman of WYHK PSA and Mr. Raymond Chow, Chairman of WYK PSA,

Thanks for inviting me to your board meeting recently and agreeing to become a partner of the Free English Tutorial Project in Tin Shui Wai (TSW) initiated by the Class 1971 WYHK.  I am writing to thank your Assn. for the relentless support and help you have tendered in the past year to make our project a continuous success and to, through you, pay tribute to those alumni and family members who have responded to your appeal for help and to call for even more alumni to come forward to participate in this very meaningful project to help more under-privileged students in TSW.

Up-to-date, we have three intakes of students since March 2015 benefiting together over 300 under-privileged students in eleven different schools. The latest intake started in Feb. 2016 and will end in June. Through publicity and appeal of your Assn., we have been able to recruit in these three intakes sufficient WY alumni volunteer tutors and substitutes who are willing to sacrifice their time and effort to help improve not only the English but, more importantly, the self-image of these under-privileged students. Their families are all receiving public assistance and therefore cannot afford to send their kids to private tutorial classes even if they are promising but are academically behind because of lack of proper guidance and support at home.

I would like to take this opportunity to make tribute to the following 26 alumni and their family members who come from different professions and have played an important part in the project ;

School Yr. Name Profession Duty Wah Yan student family
WYK 63 Lau Tak Sang retired tutor
WYK 65 Choi Min Hong Francis mgm. Consultant tutor
WYHK 71 Eng Tak Hoi, Tak banker sub-T
WYHK 71 Shuen Pak Chin, Alex accountant sub-T
WYHK 71 Leung Lai Sheung, Loretta accountant sub-T wife of Shuen Pak Chin, Alex
WYHK 71 Tong Wai Kong, Henry accountant tutor
WYHK 71 Cheung Kai Ying engineer tutor
WYHK 71 Poon Chung Yin, Joseph banker sub-T
WYHK 71 Mak Wah Hung, Daniel retired CEO co-ordinator
WYHK 71 Ng Wai Shun, Chris engineer asst. co-ordinator
WYHK 71 Kwan Lok Fong, Anthony engineer webmaster
WYHK 72 Tso Yeung, Arthur solicitor sub-T
WYHK 72 Wong Tze Chung, John marketing sub-T
WYHK 75 Lam Wai Nang, Stephen engineer tutor
WYHK 79 Chan Chi Fai, Herbert self-employ tutor
WYK 79 Leung Po Man, Richard IT tutor
WYK 79 Tam Kam Fai, Telly sales tutor
WYK 79 Monique Yeung NGO tutor wife of Leung Chi Hang, Bertrand
WYHK 83 Tsang Ho Fai, Thomas Doctor sub-T
WYK 84 Ho Yiu Cheung, Gareth police officer sub-T
WYK 87 Tsang Mun Chung, Tim banking tutor
WYHK 87 Woo Wang Kee, Fred IT tutor
WYK 97 Too Ho Man, Ivan hotel mgm. admin. ass’t
WYHK 07 Lee Hoi Leong, Jack praisage tutor
WYK 16 Wilson Or Management tutor father of Or King Yin, Austin
WYK 16 Or King Yin, Austin Student admin. ass’t


They are living example of alumni who have truly upheld the ‘Men For and with Others’ WY spirit to serve and and help the needy in society.

I hope, through your website and appeal to other alumni and familymembers, they can follow suit and come forward to become tutors of the fourth intake which will begin in Sept. this year and which we aim to expand to cover more schools and help even more students. Alumni who are interested to help can go to the following website in which more details of the project are given and contact me at the telephone and email address contained therein for enrollment;


Last but not the least, we are also indebted to Fathers Alfred Deignan and Stephen Chow as well as the two WY principals, Dr. So Ying Lun and Mr. Warren Chung, for their unfailing support and regular appeal to alumni to join our project. My thanks also go to Mr. Sze Chung Fai, Jeff, a WYK alumni and the Political Assistant to the Secretary for Education for his valuable advice in setting up this project.

I hope our partnership will continue to flourish, more alumni will join our project and more under-privileged kids will benefit from our joint effort. Many thanks.


Daniel Mak
Class of 1971 WYHK

PS — Can you kindly post a copy of this email in your Assn. website/facebook and include it in your newsletter to members so that alumni can be informed of the progress of this project and consider to become tutors pl.?

4 thoughts on “20160227 Thanks for Your Help and Tribute to Volunteers of TSW Project”

  1. Dear Daniel,

    It is heartening to see that so many underprivileged kids have benfitted from your generous efforts and those of other Wahyanites (and their family members)! ​As you’ve rightly pointed out – they truly live out the spirit of Men For and With Others!

    ​With warm regards,
    YL ​​So, WYHK
    28 Feb 2016

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  2. Dear Daniel,

    Good morning. I am not going to repeat all the admiring messages that you and your team so well deserved. One thing for sure as demonstrated by the angels that have come to the aid of the program — 善與人同. Let the goodness continue to flow from your noble desires and efforts!

    Stephen Chow, S.J.
    29 Feb 2016

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  3. Dear Daniel,

    This is truly an admirable project. Coincidentally, I ran into Peter Lau of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocesan Schools Council last Friday, and I also expressed gratitude to him for referring us to a few schools in TSW last year.

    I am glad that I could serve and contribute, not as an EDB official but as a Wah Yan alumnus.

    Jeff Sze
    29 Feb 2016

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  4. Dear Daniel,
    Thank you very much for initiating and sustaining such a meaning programme, which exemplifies the spirit of “Men for and with Others”. With the concerted effort of the Wah Yan community, this programme will surely benefit the poor and the neglected.

    Yours sincerely,
    Warren Chung, WYK
    29 Feb 2016

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