Ethnic Minorities

Our voluntary tutoring service has been extended to the Tuen Mun district, and our tutors now provide Chinese and English after-school tutoring to the Caritas Tuen Mun Marden Foundation Secondary School. As many as 70{4269619283c08af09ccc5a3bf7a7a69afc84f5282d012a29f2d8fd7588bd9927} of their students are ethnic minorities (EM) or new arrived immigrants from 18 countries. They also have 40 students who are of refugee status with no permanent residence in Hong Kong. The need for academic and pastoral support to the students is huge, and our voluntary tutors provide after-school support to students in learning the Chinese and English languages.

To help students integrate into the Hong Kong society, we also help organize two inter-school activities between Wah Yan and Marden in early 2018

EM Events


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