Life Planning

Life Planning Support to Tin Shui Wai Students


To complement the free English tutorials to needy students in schools in Tin Shui Wai (TSW), the past students of Wah Yan College is offering life planning (生涯規劃) support to students in the form of career planning guidance, in response to the perceived need for providing students the exposure to a wider range of occupations, in particularly students from low-income families. While the schools have also been using various means to assist students in life planning, the effort can be greatly enhanced if it is augmented by experience sharing from professionals of various fields and career tracks.


The past students from Wah Yah College will act as career mentors by sharing their working experiences with TSW students with the view of helping them explore career interests and devising action plans on achieving the career goals.

What is outcome we want to achieve?

The desired benefits of this volunteer programme are to

  • Enhance students’ understanding of the various occupations for making informed decision in career choices
  • Provide information on the action plans to achieve career goals
  • Ultimately, provide opportunities for TSW students to strive for upward mobility.

What are professions/fields covered?

The following occupations/fields are pre-selected based on students’ career interests :

  • Accounting – public accounting and internal accounting (corporate)
  • Construction – roads, bridges, railways, buildings
  • Retail – merchandising, sales and marketing
  • Hospitality – catering, restaurant management
  • Logistics – goods transportation and distribution
  • Property management – residential and commercial real estate
  • Information technology – computer programming, system design
  • Allied healthcare – dental technician, nursing
  • Disciplinary services

The list is subject to review based on the schools’ needs and the availability of the mentors.

Who are the Wah Yan Mentors?

The volunteer mentors are Wah Yan past students and their spouses, who on average have 20 to 25 years of working experiences in their respective profession/industry. They are keen to pass on their knowledge to help the next generation succeed in reaching career goals.


What is the format?

Sharing Session through Interactive Discussion

To increase the level of engagement of students, the Wah Yan mentors will host small group discussion with 10 to 15 students to share the experiences and to answer queries raised by students. The sharing will cover the following topics :

  • Reasons for choosing a profession/field
  • Entry requirement and path
  • Career and salary ladder
  • The best and worst experiences in the profession
  • The future potential of the profession/field

Students are encouraged to bring along their CV and to devise an action plan for joining the profession/occupation they are interested in under the mentors’ guidance.

Job Attachment

Where feasible, the mentors may also offer job attachment opportunities to students who show strong interests and potentials for a profession/field.


Latest News

Four mentors will participate in the career workshop to be held at the Tin Shui Wai Government Secondary School in mid-November 2017, and other workshops are being planned and in progress.



If you are interested in participating in this programme, please feel free to contact :

  1. Helen Lok at or 91030233
  2. Anthony Lee at or 64463869


[Last update: 20171025, 20170511]