Invitation to Schools

Dear Principals and Head Teachers,
Further to our meeting at your school last month in which I have alerted you of our upcoming free online oral English program for Forms 5 and 6 students starting from Dec. this year, I write to invite you to nominate your under-privileged students to enroll in this program, details of which are in the Online Oral English button in the website below;
In short, this new and free program is supported by both overseas and local Wah Yan alumni and their family members who use English in their daily or professional life. They have all volunteered their time to talk to your students on general as well as specific topics to help them build up confidence and improve their fluency in spoken English in the hope that they can achieve better result in their oral public exam. Participation of students is entirely voluntary. Students of all levels of English competence are welcome but they need to be certified by you as under-privileged or receiving some sort of public assistance. They are also required to have the proper electronic device and are willing to observe the Guidelines for Students as detailed in the link below;
Participating schools are required to ensure that their recommended students are trained to use the Google Hangouts, a free apps, so that they can use it properly to communicate with and practice their spoken English at a time convenient to any tutor or a specific tutor of their choice. Students will be given a password to access our list of tutors and teachers should remind them not to pass the password to any other person otherwise they may be disqualifed from this program
Tutors have been reminded that sensitive topics like sex, religion, politics, foul language, etc. should be avoided. The dialogue/discussion between tutors and students can be recorded by either party and teachers from participating schools will also be supplied with appropriate password for them to log on any conversation at any time to ensure quality of service and to report any default for our further action. 
Please let us have a list of your recommended students interested in this program by completing the form attached and have it returned before Friday, 28 Oct. to Mr. Francis Choi, a seasoned Wah Yan alumni and our Student Affairs Director, at . There will be an online Open Day in Nov. for students to talk to Mr. Choi and ask any Q. they may have on this program via Hangouts On Air. He will notify students and teachers direct of the time and date at the same time when the password is issued. We intend to trial run the program from early Dec. and have it in full swing by Christmas holidays when students will have more time at home to use it to talk to our tutors. This program will continue until mid-May 2017 when the public oral exam. is over. If, after a review with all stake-holders, this experimental program is found helpful to students, another call for enrollment will be made in Oct. 2017 for the same program to begin in Dec. 2017.
Meantime, if you have any Q. on the operation of this program, pl. contact the undersigned. If you have problem in filling in the form, pl. consult Mr. Choi above. If you like to talk, my phone no. is 6707 9653 and Mr. Choi can be reached at 6691 1430.
Daniel Mak
Project Co-ordinator

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