Progress Report 2016

Dear Overseas Chapter Chairman and Wah Yan Alumni,

Further to my earlier appeal to you for recruitment of tutors to start an online oral English program for under-privileged students in TSW, I am pleased to inform you that the program has just started with 10 tutors and 60 Forms 5 and 6 students coming from five TSW secondary schools. Each tutor takes care of four students and provides them with a one-hour group lesson each week. Some tutors serve more groups of students and offer more lessons. Lessons are conducted in a discussion format similar to oral exam. situation and are to continue until mid-May 2017 when the DSE oral exam. is over.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank

a. those of you who have helped with the recruitment of tutors including the two PSAs in HK;

b. the tutors in the list at bottom who have selflessly offered their time and effort to help these under-privileged students; and

c. my two deputies Tak H. Ng (WYHK71) and Ivan Luk (WYK82) who have contributed countless hours to reach out to the tutors and students (as well as their teachers) to brief them details of our operation and to pair them with one another at a conven. time when both parties are available to talk online.

I am sure there will be lots of interesting stories to tell and improvements to make as this pilot program progresses and I’ll keep you posted. If any alumni in your Chapter wants to join this program as tutors at any time, pl. let me know. Meantime, from Tak, Ivan and me, we wish you all a Merry X’mas and Happy New Year.


Daniel Mak

Project Co-ordinator


Tutors List:

  1. Kumert Chow WYHK71, Toronto
  2. Timonthy Ng, WY boy, Los Angeles
  3. Aliana Chiu, WY boy, Hong Kong
  4. Everest Wong, WY boy, Los Angeles
  5. Monica Tang, former WYK teacher, Toronto
  6.  Eric Mun, WYHK71, Singapore
  7. Issac Li, WY boy, San Francisco
  8. Louis Huang, WYHK71, Toronto
  9. Teddy Chan, WY boy, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada
  10. Ivan Luk, WYK82, Hong Kong

[Last update: 20170114]