20180303 Caritas Tuen Mun Marden and WYK gathering

A BIG Thank You to all the teachers, students and helpers for making a fun-filled day packed with pleasant surprises!

Thanks Cecilia for letting each WYK boy share their thoughts right after the event. It is apparent that WYK students have found the experience quite beyond their expectation. The activities planned have succeeded in bringing the boys a much better understanding of EM’s.

For me personally, the most wondrous moment was the impromptu pop song performed by our Marden Nepalese student and Andrew of WYK – a demonstration of racial harmony through the universal language of music.

Looking forward to hearing from our Marden students on their experiences. They have certainly impressed the WYK students by their friendliness, proactivity and their active participation in all the activities!

Helen Lok


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