20150928 Report on the 2nd Intake of the On-Site Tutorial Programme

Dear Father Deignan, Father Chow, Principal So and Chung ,

I write to update you on the progress of the second intake of the free English tutorial project for under-privileged Forms 2 to 4 teenagers in TSW which you have earlier lent your support.

You will be pleased to know we have recruited over 100 under-privileged students (20 more than the last intake) from four schools in TSW, namely;

TSW Government Secondary School HKMA K S Lo College Pak Kau College Buddhist Mau Fung Memorial College

16 Wahyanites from both Wah Yan Colleges have, in response to our appeal, enrolled as tutors or substitutes and many of them are new to our programme. For the first time also, all tutors are Wahyanites who are graduates or beyond and have many years of working experience. They include a doctor, a few engineers, some IT professionals, accountants, bankers, etc.

Classes have started and are held on in Friday afternoons after school or Saturday mornings. Based on feedback from the first intake, we have lengthened our lesson to 75 minutes each with the last 15 minutes focusing in self-esteem building. In fact, it is the last 15 minutes which differentiate our programme from other similar programmes and attract the attention and participation of the principals involved. Within these 15 minutes, our tutors will share their own life experiences with the students, help them overcome personal problems, inject more self-confidence in them and guide them to set their own life goals. This is something which even a professional teacher cannot teach and deliver in classroom.

Our programme will provide 8 to 10 lessons to each student, depending on the empty slots available within their school calendar, until Christmas when we shall take a break before commencing again after the Chinese New Year.

Apart from the financial and manpower support from the Class 1971 WYHK which forms the backbone of this project, we hope to have your continual support so that we can recruit even more Wahyanites to join the next intake and expand our service to reach out to and benefit even more under-privileged students in TSW. If you have any question or suggestion for improvement, please do not hesitate to let me know.


Daniel Mak

Class 1971 WYHK

28 September 2015

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