20150825 Feedback – 1st Intake

1. Sharing from Henry Tong, a tutor of the 1st Intake

….As per your request, I’d like to contribute my little reflection as a volunteer tutor participating in the first round of the project:

“As one of our distinguished alumni, Nicholas Tsui, has put it when referring to the services and accomplishments of the 104 Irish Jesuits who came to Hong Kong over the past 100 years, “The most important thing that I learned from them is that giving is definitely more rewarding than taking. So, consider it a vocation or gift from God if you are lucky enough to be in the position to render volunteer work… you are receiving more than you give!”  Indeed, I couldn’t agree more with Nick after serving as a volunteer tutor for the needy students in the TSW area for 8 weeks, with classes held twice-weekly over the past few months.

My experience is that though I felt a bit nervous in my first few encounters with the students, I found myself much at ease in subsequent lessons when I got better acquainted with them. Yes, the English level of the attending students was as expected generally low and therefore required more time from the tutor in enriching their vocabulary and consolidating what they had been taught repeatedly from time to time; yet, I was much impressed with the sincerity and enthusiasm the students displayed in class for learning – surely, their positive response in answering oral questions, courage in reading aloud new words which they hadn’t come across before, and respect/obedience shown towards the tutor were, in my opinion, a major source of satisfaction for us tutors volunteering our time to help them. Besides, the joyfulness in sharing with students old folk songs and life experiences as a senior added much to that satisfaction.

Despite the minor frustration which I had in failing to finish the assigned course materials within the time allowed for some of my lessons, I can honestly say thatI did receive a lot more than I had given. For this, so many thanks to the initiators of the project my old classmates Daniel Mak & Chris Ng!”

Pls. feel free to edit the above as you like and pass on to Anthony for posting if desirable.

Cheers/Henry Tong

Tutor, 25/8/2015

2. Sharing from tutors of the 1st Intake


3. Appreciation from a student during the closing ceremony of the 1st Intake, Jun 2015

Good afternoon, everybody. I am Siny, a secondary four students from SKH Bishop Baker Secondary School. I am very honored to be here to share some of my feelings about the programme today.

First of all , I am very grateful that I joined this programme . It really helps me a lot on English. My English really need some improvement since the beginning of my secondary school. Unfortunately, my family don’t have the ability to bear such an expensive cost. Now I want to express my deepest thanks to the programme and all the tutors who work for free. I really appreciate your generous help .

Secondly, The programme is held in the form of group and divide into different levels.We usually read some articles during the class and the tutor will ask some questionsabout the article. We all have many opportunities to express our own opinions.The tutors are very nice and helpful. They share their experience with us and encourage us to speak more English.They will tell us about how do they learn English effectively and their working experience.

After joining the programme ,I think i have learned a lot and not only focus on the grammer but also in how to use English correctly in daily life.  In the end, Thank you so much for giving me this chance to improve my English.,Especially listening and speaking.

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